Is anything you’re doing brand new? Good, cause 2012′s a year of self-realization and self-activation. Maturing perspectives are making crappy old things look shiny and redeemable. Case & point: Nas’ rebirth. There’s a softer and more huggable side Mr. Jones is showcasing nowadays that has little to do with weighty politics and revolutionary warfare, just a simple request, “This is my life retrospection —feel me for a second.” And needless to say, I do.

In celebration of the new album “Life Is Good” dropping July 17th, 2012, I took the time to pry further into the heart on Nas’ sleeve nowadays and picked a few love lessons we could all toast to. (No I didn’t pirate the bootleg, just sharing my observations as of late. Ha!)

1. Reflecting Vocally On His Failed Relationship

There’s only but so many things a man can say after his public marriage dismantles into a debris offinancial f-ckery. If he’s not spewing out a tirade of 4-letter damnations, he’s emotionally hyperventilating and mums the word. In any event, for the broken hearted man vulnerability hour is far from public viewing. But Nas, comfortably situated in his own skin welcomes the intrusion. On thecover art for his upcoming album “Life Is Good”, he’s sitting on a black sofa with his ex-wife’s green wedding dress draped across his knee (bossy Kelis abandoned it when moving out). Why Nas? “You can see my life on that album cover… love, joy, anger, celebration.” Oh yeah! Almost forgot, reflection and acceptance are default options after love’s made a fool of you! It’s a bit on the high road but certainly in the horizon if you step on your tip toes and grow up. Yup, it’s there– peaking with the sunrise of a new day. Thanks for the light Nas.

2. Recognizing That Girls Gone Wild Are Birthed By Fathers Gone Missing

Overheard: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” which makes the reality of womanizers’ eventually nutting out daughters damn funny! (Bwhahahaha!) It’s a silly, ironic, circle of life, soothsayer forewarned realization  that some men tend to miss but I’m glad that Nasir took the time to grafitti the writing on the wall in his latest single Daughters: “They say the coolest playas and foulest heart breakers in the world. God gets us back and makes us have precious little girls.” It’s like one of those Snapple under the cover fun facts that you knew, but forget you knew: Every woman in the world is someone’s daughter… marination moment. Before her evolution to f-ckme pumps (in wayward cases, clear platforms) there were the doiley trimmed socks that one man found to be darlingly delicate (or should have). Nas playing connect dots between the roles of Pops + babygirl vs. hubby + wifey nudges everyone to fix their posture and remember that everything is everything. Yup, Hooters wings are delicious until you have a daughter…

3. He’s Still In The Running For The “Bag Your Chick” Award (Ha!)

Okay honesty hour, Guerdley wasn’t a happy camper when she first saw the Nicki Minaj “Right By My Side” video featuring Nas! Eeek! Not my finest hour, I know. But really, 1.)  I’m totally one of those chicks in an imaginary relationship with Nas (can you tell?) 2. Seeing him slob down a shoe in for the “Black Girl Lost” album art cover had me looking at my man type hypocritical (sorry Barbz!). But after reciting some scriptures I learned from my anger management classes (kidding but kinda not!) I found a silver lining to anchor my rage –reality. Yes, in reality that vid was such a good look for Nas’ humble sex appeal. Nicki was so happy! Like giddy school-girl, sophomore who’s bra strap was just signed by her teen bop crush happy! For all we know, that vid was an excuse to recreate an intimate moment she had with her wall poster 15 years ago, so you kinda have to be happy for her! Mean time Nas was just laxing around with his signature chill. Dude might as well have yawned, nothing to be overly excited about, just comfortably situated in the obvious facts of the matter, “Yes, I bag those…. If and when I want to.” And every now and then, a little stuntin’ is in order –especially after marital hiatus. Exit swag. Enter swoon.

4. Carrying On Tradition

That’s really the gist of his whole feel nowadays: Love comes and goes, but wisdom doesn’t as long as you exercise it. Love, like life, doesn’t get any easier, you just get better at it. It’s an option that’s almost always eclipsed by other show-boat emotions — rage, denial, fear. If we always look at love like a crash course realization to a secret aspect of life, we’ll always live to love another day, unscathed. Yup, sounds like a good life if you ask me…

How you guys feeling about the softer die of Nas? Are feeling the new messages? Do you think they’re long overdue? Say what you need to say @wwmdtv