Where are these facilities today?  Places for young people to go to instead of the street corners.  A recreational center should be opened in urban areas to help get young people off the streets and to help fine-tune their talents and skills and reduce their tendencies towards violence….

There used to be several facilities throughout urban areas that kept our young people off the street corners. It was a place they could go to and get involved in something more positive and productive other than what we see from them today. It was a place they could go to and socialize peacefully. It kept them from the crossfire of the many gang shootings, the “in your face” drug sales and the temptations of wanting to be a part of such “traps” like these. It gave them something better to do with their time.  Recreational centers  kept them from the crazy and senseless SH$% they are now doing.

I say we put these facilities back in urban areas and restore some, if not all, of the unity, the peace, and the harmony that once flowed through these neighborhoods; because what we are seeing today and where it looks to be headed, is ridiculous..